Thursday, 25 August 2011

And the nominations are...

Well, that kind smallholder, goat herder and all round good egg, Crow at has very nicely and unexpectedly bestowed upon this blog the 'Versatile Blogger Award'. Thank you Crow for that.

This means that I have at least one reader, which thrills me to bits. Even if I do have to pay her to read this stuff ;-)

Anyway, I have to list seven things about myself (groan). Please try and stay awake long enough to get to the next bit which is to list fifteen blogs I'm going to pass this award onto (should they decide to accept) and which are well worth a look.

Seven things

1)  Although I am blond I have a reddish beard (which is now slowly beginning to go grey) Like a bloody rainbow.
2) I can be very cheeky (in a good way) but which has landed me in trouble more than a few times.
3) I love animals and don't much care for people who don't or cause cruelty to them.
4) I'm only really happy when doing something creative. I can't do 'everything' but I enjoy the attempt.
5) I'm an only child which means I can get along by myself fine (provided I get plenty of attention later.)
6) I like a drink but I've had to cut down to almost nothing over the past few years as it was getting to be a bit of a habit, mainly due to...
7) I'm self-employed and have been for over twelve years. Deadlines, chasing invoices, bills, chasing work...somebody get me off this treadmill!

You can wake up now. The following blogs are well worth a look so I've humbly passed on this award to them. Some of them I've stumbled upon by accident and have caught my eye, some I've stalked from comments left on other interesting blogs. It's an eclectic mix. (Apologies if you've already received this and declined or if you're not on the list - all the blogs in my blogroll are a cracking read)

1) The Barefoot Crofter
2) The Garden Roof Coop
3) Magnons Meanderings
4) Tom Stephenson
5) Calling Ravens
6) The River Beat
7) Going Gently
8) Ocean Breezes
9) Laughing Duck Farm
10) Midlife Farm Wife
11) My Tiny Plot
12) The Smallest Smallholding
13) The Tail Out
14) Linda's Bees
15) Welsh Hills Again

I think the idea now is that you do the same if you are on the list and accept -pass it on, listing seven things, linking back to the giver, and awarding another fifteen recently discovered blogs. Otherwise grab a glass of wine and check these out if you haven't already (hic)...


Molly said...

Lots of congrats to the 15 listed - some I know and some to discover. Got to put my new found skills to the test now and pinch your photo to put on Photoshop to see what you look like without your baseball cap, Rebans and sporting a red beard. Oops - copyright - better not! Pity really 'cos I like doing something creative as well!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Congrats on the award - you so deserve it. I always enjoy your blog :-)

BTW, did you see the tomato pie recipe I posted last weekend? If you're still rolling in tomatoes, it's very tasty!

Jacqui said...

Well - first of all, I'd like to thank...
Seriously - thank you Chris - I feel really honoured and pleased :)
Looking forward to checking out the rest of the list. xxx

Melodie said...

You are a great blogger congrats on the award!I liked learning the 7 things I did not know about you and thanks for passing it along to me!

Melodie said...

I just saw the River Monsters on your side bar,lol! We love that show and never miss a new episode!

Jim said...

Chris, thanks for this! And once I unpack, figuratively and literally,I will acknowledge and do what I am supposed to do, sir! lol

Rebecca said...

Congrats to you and thanks so much for passing the award along to my blog!

Cro Magnon said...

Mon cher. Whilst being flattered that you think my meagre offerings worthy of mention, would you mind if I refused? I don't really go in for awards etc. I'm more of 'an independent'. But thanks; I'm truly 'touched'.

Craig said...

Well done Chris. It was fun to know a little more about you.

Justin said...

Chris, congratulations on your award and many thanks for nominating my blog. I look forward to exploring the other blogs on your list.

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

HI Chris and thanks so much for nominating me. I am flattered and look forward to reading more of your other nominations. If you don't mind I won't participate. I have sort of opted out of awards and tend to just bumble along! Still nice to be asked though!