Welcome to the Grow Fish Eat Workshop!

My little workshop / shed, is packed with lots of lovely tools, ready to turn my ideas, designs and sketches into reality! (or turn them into a complete mess). Take a peek...

Oak Half Moon Table No.1

Following the Oak table I knocked up for my Uncle Pete a couple of months ago (pics of that will follow), I now have another family commission for another table!

This one's for a narrow hallway where anything bulky will just get in the way. It occurred to me that a curved table would help folk walk past without catching the corners (good thinking, Batman) so I've decided to have a go at a 'Half Moon' type table where the flat side can sit against the wall.

Also, I thought it would be fun to match the older style of dark oak furniture my parents have in their house and craft a couple of shaped legs with claw feet at the front. Now that'll be interesting....

Not sure on the drawer yet. It'll be nice to have one but it's down to how deep the table will be. I'll think about that. Anyway, here's how my brain gets things down onto paper, just to get started...

Click to enlarge this messy sketch
Incredibly, this is usually all I need to get going. Just a few dimensions needed and a trip to the wood yard.