Tuesday, 9 October 2012

"Tickets please..."

I've written this post about five times now and it always ends up sounding like wet, soppy, self indulgent moaning shit, so I'll keep it blunt and short this time with no waffle.

The allotment is now gone (gone tomorrow actually) along with greenhouse, shed, rotorvator tools, long-term landscaping, animal husbandry and 'good-life' plans and (most importantly) my beloved chooks! The bees have decided to go of their own accord (ungrateful little bastards), sick of the lack of decent management of the collective.

The grass is as long as a swingers lawn, the rats have a bad attitude, the trees mope, fruitless in apathy. The neighbours are scum (sorry, but they are) and the general feeling when visiting the plot every morning and night is "do I really need this crap in my life, I mean really?"

The answer is of course, no. No I do not. There is usually more than enough of that 'here'. So with a heavy heart, I have let it all go. To a decent couple as it happens (a prerequisite on behalf of my lovely chickens who I will miss greatly). They have retired, these people. Officially sponging into old age as God intended and they now have the time, if not the stamina, to turn my plot into what it once was and perhaps could have been.

I hit a low point last week. I flipped out at one of the less pleasant 'local types' that have started to infiltrate the site, which is not like me at all (ahem). He had been asking for it though, so I don't feel toooooo bad. In my defence he did eventually come through the operation ok and made a full recovery, the garden hose reinstated on his allotment tap after being SAVAGELY SHOVED UP HIS ARSE!! (All thirty feet of it).

I was so tired and weary the other day I completely forgot to open one of the coop doors and only realised what I'd done when I came back at dusk to put them to bed! Not like me either.

The house is also on the market. Other things are also happening, some very nice indeed. Life changes are moving apace and it's a bit uncomfortable, all this change. But entirely necessary. I genuinely believe this.

Blogging has lapsed for a bit. In June I started a new venture which is already bearing fruit. It's hard, hard work. Very physically exhausting and as mentally challenging as my other business (licking stamps) but I am designing and making things with my hands this time and that is very rewarding indeed, expecially when folks actually part with hard earned money to buy it and others pass encouraging and admiring comments. More of that later.
Oh, and I seem to have 'found' Christ! Can't think how I lost Him in the first place. I suppose I'll have to at least stop swearing now, which is f**king me off no end, I can tell you. And I suppose I'll also have to cut back on the lust and fornication...?

One day at a time, sweet Jesus...