Competition Time!

Welcome to the Grow Fish Eat competition. Hopefully there will be one of these fairly often and you can win yourself a great bit of kit.

Keeping Poultry & Rabbits on Scraps A Penguin Handbook  
by Claude Goodchild & Alan Thompson

'First issued in 1941, when the national crisis made it essential for every scrap of kitchen waste and spare time to be used to increase the nation's food resources, this book enabled the meagre official wartime rations to be supplemented in thousands of homes by a regular supply of eggs and meat, at a minimum of trouble and expense...'

'...Keeping Poultry and Rabbits on Scraps was originally reissued in this charming edition after the war, in 1949. Here it is once again, a facsimile edition with all the delightful original illustrations and advice to keep your chickens and rabbitts happy, whether they are in a city garden or roaming in a farmyard.'

Collect your rations. 1/6 please.
I have a copy of this brilliant austerity book and it is a keeper. Also included in your rations parcel will be a great mug to drink your hot tea out of whilst you peel your spuds and prepare the spam for supper.

Thank God! No more powdered egg!
The draw was held on Saturday 28th outside the NAAFI canteen just opposite the barracks. Thanks to all for leaving a comment on the main base camp Competition Time post  to have a chance to get your rations!!

The competition is now closed. Toodle pip!!