Monday, 30 January 2012

Competition Time Draw!

What ho, chaps!

Movietone News has just departed...

Congratulations to the winner! I'll drop you a line so you can receive your ration parcel soon.


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Competition Time!

There'll be blue skies over...
All we hear on the news just lately is doom and gloom about the recession, double-dip recession, depression, recession depression etc etc. It's not like people haven't been through all this before in the past and emerged out the other end ok, albeit poorer and battle hardened. It's enough to make you get your gas mask on and hide away in the Anderson shelter!

I was thinking about thrift the other day when I was shelling out for bags of organic chicken feed and corn. Austerity measures begin at home.

So this time around the competition is for a cracking 1949 reprinted austerity Penguin book to read and a mug to drink your cha out of whilst your doing it. More info on the Competition Page...

Good luck!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Thank heavens that's done! I was so knackered over Christmas I couldn't muster up enough energy to post anything. So you had a much needed break from me there.

Despite appearences (and extra bit of weight gained), I haven't just been sat watching crap Christmas tv, eating endless supplies of chocolates, nibbles and mince pies. I've not gone from bottoming one bottle of spirits to the next bottle. Not indulged in low octane sloth-ery.

O.k. There has been some of that. Quite a bit of that actually. But...

...I have finished 'Hut 3' on Stalag Luft Chicken 451...

Double glazed too. I may move in myself. made a slate roofed dovecote for a friends birthday...

Ok, it's ornamental - unless they are very little doves!
...and started to learn to knit. Stop laughing immediately!!!

Knit one, knit one, drop one, knit one, stab myself, swear, knit one...
I'll bore you some more very soon.