Thursday, 16 October 2014

Cutting it fine

The world has become so wicked, so overwhelmingly evil, God's judgement is assured for ALL those who aren't in Christ and is rapidly approaching. If you read your bible (and I need to read it much more myself), you can see for yourself how God uses the stars, sun and moon for signs, controls the forces nature to cleanse and purge evil, and foreign heathen armies to destroy disobedient and evil peoples. God is a constant, He is never changing, always the same - pure, righteous, good. And He is always thourough.

If you can't bring yourself to turn to Jesus Christ for what He has already done in full for you out of pure love for you personally and except His free gift of salvation through the cross, then how's about turning to Him through a sense of self-preservation?

The fear of the Lord is not a bad thing. The love comes from the way out He has given you for free as a gift but at the ultimate price for Him - the life of His only begotten son. Without Christ, YOU will have to pay for your sin yourself. Period.

We all die eventually, for some sooner rather than later. If you are around to see the last days that are almost upon us, when the door to the ark of Christ has closed - it'll be too late.

Jesus is waiting for you right now.

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