Friday, 14 August 2015

Your future in our hands...

...and it's happening right now in front of you. Did you know that?

Difficult to miss once you can see it. And like me you will get to a point where you'll say 'How could I have missed it for so long?'

Jesus Christ is God. The one and only God, your Creator. Get away from this evil, destructive and dying world system and come back home. Call on His name - Jesus Christ. Ask Him to forgive you and to save you. Do it right now. He is listening, hoping you will call Him.

You can read all about what will happen - is happening - right now, the preparations, the agenda, the goal the god of this world has and his plans for you if you choose to reject the free loving gift to you from the one real and almighty God.

It's here if you want to know. Just keep reading and turning the pages... Revelation of Jesus Christ

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Chris said...

Wow! That must have touched a nerve. Youtube / Blogger (same thing run by same 'people') took this vid down almost as soon as I posted it!

It's back to view - for now...