Thursday, 15 October 2015

Burdensome Stone

Time's getting on, rapidly. Bible prophesy unfolding right now! Gog in the north (Ezekiel 38), the false prophet blaspheming God's holy name (2 Peter 2) (1 John 4) (Rev 19)...

...and the center of it all, life, all strife, all things pertaining to the course of this world and of God - what happens and is soon to unfold in Israel (Zechariah 12)

If you are a Christian, pray for the people of Israel and Jerusalem. When we go, they will still be here amongst the judged lost of the world, undergoing the most horrific trials and times imaginable.

Jesus Christ is God. He came to save you, Jew, Ishmaelite, Phillistine, Moabite, Gentile.

Anyone, anyone, who calls upon the mane of the Lord, the name above all names, Jesus Christ, will be saved. There is simply no other God and no other name that will save you. (Acts 4:12)

Choose life, choose Jesus Christ.

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