Friday, 18 December 2015

Fab-u-lous. Not.

If I met this guy (and yes, there is an actual man under there somewhere), I wouldn't shout abuse at him. I wouldn't try and hurt him, or curse him, for the choices he has made of his own free will.

I would try and tell him about Jesus Christ. About how much he is loved. So much in fact that he (and I) cannot really comprehend just how much love God has shown him, what He has given for him in the most awesome act of pure love. To save him.

I know from experience though, and from what God tells me in His word, that this man probably won't listen to me. Instead he will call me a hater.

But there is a possibility that something I say might enter into his heart. One line of scripture, one nugget of truth that may come from my stuttering lips. So I approach him to try to tell him anyway. Even though I suspect I'll get screamed at or worse.

And I do this for only one reason. Because I believe God over man. And because that is is the most loving thing I can do for this guy.

One day, if he refuses to turn back to God through Jesus Christ, he will find out just what hell really is. And it most assuredly is not fabulous.

Jesus Christ is God. He has given Himself for your sins and for mine. Check your heart if you still refuse to accept that. Can you really get to heaven without Him?

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