Saturday, 16 April 2016

The simple truth of the matter.

Luke Chapter 13

Matthew Chapter 7

John Chapter 3

Jesus Christ is God. He suffered and died so that you could be saved.

If there was any other way, His sacrifice would be pointless.

And God doesn't make mistakes. And He is not mocked. If you choose to reject the free gift of His Son on the cross for you, yes, specifically you, then you are spitting in God's face.

Here's a typical illustration of what I hear pretty much every week;

I met a young guy and his girlfriend about a year or so ago whilst out tracting, who began to loudly berate me and mock me in the street for talking about Jesus and the Gospel. After he'd done making a fool of himself citing Ricky Gervais as his basis for knowledge and truth (not kidding), and the scientific 'evidence' that homosexuality must be right because, after all, newts have been shown to have sex with the same gender (so that's clearly conclusive proof right there!), he then went on to describe, with absolute candor and confidence, how he fully intended to punch Jesus Christ in the face just as soon as he met Him.

'That's your big plan is it?' I asked. I turned to look at his girlfriend, who stood quietly next to this idiot, utterly embarrased by the whole public show. Embarrased for him that is. And maybe wondering why on earth she was even there.

This is an absolute truth. Which you must verify for yourself. God cannot lie, because He is Holy; That young guy, unless he repents, will be guaranteed an audience with Jesus Christ. And he won't be punching anybody. Right after he's done trying to justify himself, if he's able to actually speak at all he will be in so much fear, he will exit stage left - the burning hot door. And he won't ever get out.

His choice.

So what's your 'big plan'?

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