Monday, 2 May 2016


In my loft, I have umpteen old computers, fit only for the skip. Obsolete. And just a few years old.

So if you think this stuff is years and years ahead, think again. It's here NOW!

Pretty soon, if you've decided to reject Jesus, you'll be left with a choice.

Take the mark, and be utterly foresaken by God for evermore.

Don't take the mark, and starve, or be martyred for the testimony of Jesus Christ.

Alternatively; get saved today, justified by the grace (unmerited favour) of God Almighty, through faith in the finished works of Jesus Christ on the cross to pay for your sins. Receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and He will come and live in you and sanctify you wholly, sealing you until the day of redemption.

And boy, that day is hurtling towards us rapido!

Rev 13:16, Rev13:17, Rev 14:9-11, Rev 16:2, Rev 19:20, Rev 6:8-10

Jesus Christ is God. He never meant for you to go to hell. That's why He went to the cross to suffer and die in your place.

And you prefer to reject that and take your chances?

You're kidding right?

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