Monday, 8 August 2016

Islam for real etc.

Coming to a town and city near you, if it isn't already, courtesy of your unelected leaders and pathetically spineless, wet, liberal thinking by the brain -dead politically correct crowd who wouldn't know right from wrong if it was written on a 40ft neon billboard in front of thier kitchen window.

So here it is: Muhammad was a peodophile, Islam litterally means submission, the Quran encourages moooshlims to smite the neck or tax the unbeliever (that's you btw).

Which is why pregnant women get butchered in the street like cattle. Your street.

While we are at it: the Poop of Rome is about as Christian as the Ayatolla, there is no electoral system - you are told who is in charge (lump it), and the exploitation of children to further the aggressive agenda by the LGBT movement is an absolute utter abomination.

Did I leave anybody out?

Jesus Christ is God. He's returning really, really soon. And He is going to sort it all out, big time. It will be a very, very bad day for a lot of people. Maybe you are one of them?

And although I'm hopeful everyone will get saved, certainly everyone I have done my best to direct to Christ, I am going to be so glad when I get out of this sick, twisted, evil hole we have all helped create. And the only exit you would want to take is entirely thanks to Him.

Even so come Lord Jesus.

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