Saturday, 29 October 2016 gets worse. Much worse.

A few years ago, I had my revelation of Jesus Christ. My personal revelation of who he really is. I make a statement about that on every post, so you know what that revelation is.

He will give you that same revelation also, if you want it. And the sure knowledge of your guaranteed eternal security in him, Jesus Christ.

But there is an alternative way. You could, instead, wait. Put off your introduction to the one true God, to the spiritual life he will gift you, and wait for the church (the body of Christ, never a building) to exit this condemned world. Be amongst those who are left by their own choice, their own stubborn will.

Here's a very (very) small glimpse of it in the video above, already poking through the curtains before the grand opening..

The Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is God. Make sure you are part of Christ's body and are not around here after chapter 4...

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