Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Reading Matter

I love books though I rarely have time to read them. I tend to just thumb through some of the more well illustrated publications and gaze vacantly at the pictures like I've just been lobotomised. Saying that though I often get books as gifts and they are much appreciated (keep 'em coming Mum and Dad!) They offer inspiration and ideas, sunny and bright photos to look at when the sky is grey and the weather is gloomy, pictures of neatly tidied and cultured gardens and veg plots to drool over in winter when the ground is muddy and covered in dead weeds.

I buy books on whatever I'm into at the time. Usually the first thing I do is buy a book and devour it's contents, photos and illustrations until I get that spark that makes me get off my arse and actually do it.

So I've added a few titles opposite that I have on my bookshelves that might take your fancy and inspire you lot to have a go at growing your own veg and fruit, fishing, keeping chooks, bees, you name it.

Check out the Grow Fish Eat Shop! for some cracking titles...Now I'm off to stare at some seed catalogues.

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