Friday, 25 February 2011


Being self employed means you on a constant rollercoaster, time-wise and financially. When you're busy you tend to work the clock round, trying to grab bits of time to yourself when you can, but at least you're solvent and worry less about money (providing your clients pay you!) When you're not busy, like now, the day stretches ahead like a long dry river bed. Some jobs loiter just on the horizon, teasingly close but unconfirmed so not worth the paper they're printed on yet.

I've been thinking about jumping ship from my little business for a while now. I could see things changing well before the 'recession' hit. Obviously it just couldn't go on as well as it had been going. The bubble had to burst eventually.

Like a lot of people though, I have been a bit slow in changing track. The plan had been to set something else up, completely different to what I'm doing now, which would hopefully have been up and running by the time my current work dried up (which is related to the construction industry!!!)

When the work was coming in thick and fast there was never any extra time to embark on such an enterprise. Now though, over the past few months, I've found myself with much more 'free' time to dwell on, well, what now?

I found out last week that a really nice guy I used to work with years ago had passed away after a long battle with cancer, just at the kind of age you'd be at when contemplating retirement. When you could finally do some of the things in life you've always wanted to do but never had the time, cash, or freedom to achieve. This chap did do a lot of cool stuff though when he was here but it still seems very unfair that he went so early when he'd planned to do so much more. Nice guy, sadly missed.

Sad events like this make you think about not wasting precious time and about spending the time you do have in doing things that are rewarding and that you enjoy. Not easy to do I know when you're on the treadmill.

So now, for the time being, whilst the work dribbles in, I can be found in my new hovel - the 'workshop'.

This used to be my old vespa shed but has recently been filled with timber and tools. Insulated with bubble wrap and clad in ply so nice and snug inside.

So many ideas buzzing inside my head about what I can make in here. I've already begun making handmade fishing floats and float boxes to put 'em in. Also loads of 'prototypes' line the workshop shelves and sketches for various bits of furniture are pinned to the wall.

I've always enjoyed working with timber but have never really had the space. Now I do, the screwfix and machine mart catalogues have become the new porn! I find myself looking at various technical and potentially lethal looking electric chop-saws, planers, routers, table saws etc., with unhealthy interest. I am officially over 40!!!!

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John Gray said...

yes its a sign of getting older.....
your'll be wearing slippers soon!