Monday, 25 July 2011

'The Barn'

That last post was a bit grim so here's a more cheery one!

This years chicks have grown into young adults, outgrown the maternity unit, and needed to stretch their legs and feel some fresh green grass under their little feet. This means I've had to spend the last week or so designing and building another coop.

I'm lucky. I have the CAD (computer aided design) skills and workshop kit to work up some designs on the Mac and the tools to cut the timber to the right lengths etc., which makes the whole thing easier to do.

See, that took about 30 seconds!

I like designing and making stuff like this. Much better than buying some of the crappy sheds out there. This one has all the fiddly bits outside the coop so there's no nooks and crannies for the red mite to hide inside - nice and clean for the chooks.

The side doors open both sides to collect the eggs on the right side and clean the coop on the left where they all roost. One trick I learnt whilst designing the previous coop was to use seed trays under the roosting perch to 'collect' the poop. You can just empty these regularly and keep the coop cleaner.

It was a bit tricky to get the little scamps into it the first night (Saturday) but last night they all filed in without any problems.

Bella the Copper Black Maran hen - very dark eyes!
Penny, the Copper Blue Maran hen, always seems to be smiling.
Ronnie and Reggie (aka 'The Cray Twins')


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

OMG, that is the cutest little coop, I love it! My chicks are about the same awkward teen age as yours. We're having trouble convincing them to coop at night as well. Little rotten rebels.

Melodie said...

That is a snazzy coop! Ours is an old converted shed...not cute at all,lol!I love that little Penny!A smiling chicken !

Crow said...

I LOVE it. I love that you painted it red. Such a quaint design and color. I will not let my chickens on the internet anymore. If they saw this they would fly across the pond and leave me, for you. ;-)

You should be very proud. Great job Chris. I just adore your little hen too!

Calling Ravens said...

LOL-she does look like she is smiling and I don't like chickens!! (they are evil-I don't care what you say).
I am wondering two things:
1. How many of these will John order
2. Can I rent you for a couple of weekends?

Coop looks fantastic-those lucky, evil chickens!

John Gray said...

that f*cking hen house is bigger and posher than my soddin cottage!

I am envious!

as for the last post
email if u need a "chat!"
Balls are my speciality!

Tom Stephenson said...

Have you seen John's Little Red Rooster?

Little Blue Mouse said...

Wow, that was quick!
What a posh coop, I'm surprised it hasn't got a moat round it.

Chris said...

Lisa, thankfully they're towing the line now and going in of their own accord.

Melodie, an 'old shed' sounds like my house.

Crow, the more the merrier. Send them over.

Meggs, rent me for what? (dare I ask)

John - is that 'cottage' in the palare sense? lol. Anyway don't you get your coops 'donated' to you by loyal followers? hehe...

Tom, No I haven't been that intimate with him...

LBM, You shouldn't have said that...Now I'm thinking about a duck house!

Cecile said...

If blown up this coop is much better than my own house... nice blog!I'm glad I followed your link at tinyplot.. :)

Rebecca said...

Wow! I LOVE your coop and that video is awesome! Lucky chicks--If I were Penny I'd be smiling too!