Sunday, 6 July 2014

Muddying the Water

Satan hates you. He wants you to join him in the burning pit forever, so he can share his eternal damnation, torture and never ending pain with you. He will stop at nothing to achieve this. If we only knew the extent of the spiritual warfare going on daily, the fight for our very souls literally rages around us and in us. Sometimes it's clear to see it with our own physical eyes - it's so intense.

And it continues to gather pace. Take this guy; The pope. His agenda, it seems, is to create a one world religion. An all inclusive, all faith conglomerate mush of all faiths serving one god. Of course it'll all have to go through him, though his new church under construction, that's a given right?

This kind of ultra religious, political doctrine, is just another weapon in satan's armoury to keep you from the truth and from salvation and therefore life. Satan hates you remember.

 It is a lie.

So do I need to go to church at all then? I can't speak for you. It has helped me. The fellowship you will get by attending a good Gospel believing church is great because you will meet other believers, have deep discussions about faith (and other stuff) and gain Holy Spirit given insights from others, give praise and worship to God together with other diverse members of the body of Christ, and find some warmth and unconditional love in the process. But Jesus Christ does NOT ' need' religion to reach you!

If you've been doing some digging for yourselves (and I sincerely hope at this hour of the clock, 11.59, you have been) you will have a better idea about what is really going on in the world, and other places.

Somewhere inside you, you already KNOW the truth. God is waiting to set you free - right now! And although you may have been pointed toward Jesus Christ, you don't need anyone to tell you what to do. Read His word, the Holy Bible - it's all in there! Listen;

You cannot receive salvation through the virgin Mary or any other false 'idols'.
You cannot get 'help' from catholic elected saints. ALL true saved Christians in Christ Jesus ARE the saints!
You do NOT need to have a mediator to receive Jesus Christ as your personal saviour. He IS your mediator between you and God! Without Him God can't help you, alive or dead.
The pope is NOT Jesus Christ, not God. Never has been, never will be.
You do NOT need to go through the pope or the catholic 'church' to receive salvation, just a humble repentant heart and acceptance of Jesus Christ as your saviour. When you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord then your real journey will begin. The truthful one.

You are a free agent. Free to choose or reject Jesus Christ. I pray you will choose life.


John Gray said...

Do no comments mean anything to you chris?
No one is reading this shit

Chris said...

Hi John

Stats say otherwise.

I don't care about comments John. I don't crave approval.

What matters is that those who happen upon these little posts may benefit from any wisdom in the videos.

You will see the truth of this John one day, maybe sooner than you think. I hope you get right with Him first.