Friday, 4 July 2014

Pre Trib Post Trib


Anonymous said...

You are using pre-trib doctrine to substantiate your belief...

The time of Jacob's trouble is NOT the Great Tribulation. The Scripture clearly shows that. Just because ONE verse in a two chapter prophesy is used by the pretrib doctrine to falsely make a point, doesn't make it true...

The time of Jacob's trouble (Jer. 30:7) causes Israel to be scattered...(Jer. 30:10,11) to the ends of the Earth where she is later gathered... Jer. 31:8. She will NEVER be scattered again... Amos, and Isaiah.

Israel WAS scattered from 60 AD to 1948 where she was then gathered. This is called the Diaspora. During that time around 6 million were killed by the Roman Empire and 6 Million killed by Nazis. In 162 AD Jerusalem was considered Jew free, and not one Jew could be found in Jerusalem. So around 12 Million Jews were killed at this time, and now Israel has a population of 6 million. Israel would have to multiply many times in order for the "worst time ever" for Israel to be futuristic.

the Worst time ever for Israel is in the past. Not necessarily for the rest of the Christians who are called to tribulation and persecution.

Chris said...


Thank you for your comment.

If you look at the history of this blog you will (hopefully) see a tranisition taking place, in me, through Christ. I've deliberately kept my past posts available to see for this reason.
You will also see that those whom I thought were my (online) friends have utterly rejected me because of His name and my faith. Comments are either now zero or so vile that many have been deleted by their authors soon after they wrote them, probably out of shame. I already suffer persecution and tribulation, even from my own family.

We could get into a deep doctrinal battle here but indoing so you would completely miss the point of this little blog.

The folks that I used to converse with here are completely lost, do you understand this? They are not going to be helped by seeing supposed Christians arguing over doctrine. The message is Christ crucified for us, all of us, and of repentance, not your opinion or indeed my opinion on scriptural acuracy on pre, mid or post tribulation rapture.

I don't know you but I suspect that you may engage in these debates with your fellow belivers often, is that true?
If it is I would ask you this. Do you want the people who read this blog to turn to Christ or not?
I believe in a loving Father and a faithful Bridgegroom. I have evidence of His lovingkindness, gentleness and long suffering towards me in my own life that is utterly indisputable. That is my Lord. Could I die for His name? You bet, that's a very definite possibility. Would He want me to?

If you believe something different then all the very best to you, I really mean that. Maybe you will receive your hearts desire and endure the wrath to come.

I truly hope not. God bless you and yours. x