Sunday, 7 December 2014

Rising rapidly

A couple of years ago in the UK there was a transport strike on fuel duty. Within days there was panic buying of fuel and food items. The supermarket aisles were quickly emptied nationwide - there were no deliveries to re-stock them.

Things returned to normal soon after, queues died down, fridges got refilled, life returned to 'normality'.

Now imagine that you couldn't get any food, couldn't get paid or gainful employment at all unless you 'opted in' to a new financial reset incl. of new technology requiring every citizen to partake.

You take the mark or you starve. Will you take the mark?

It's here. Better get your head out of the sand and see the times we are in!

Jesus Christ is God. He has paid for you in full if you will accept Him into your heart, ask for forgiveness in His name and repent, change your mind and turn to Christ. God has given you an exit to an incredible eternity with Him - it's through the door marked Jesus!

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