Monday, 8 December 2014

Today? Tomorrow? Next year? Now?


Do I know Christ?
Do I acknowledge what He has truly done for me - specifically me - on the cross?
Do I accept Jesus Christ as my personal saviour?
Do I truly realise my own self righteousness falls waaaay short of God's righteousness and glory?
Have I humbled myself and asked Him for forgiveness? Do I really mean it?
Am I willing to repent, to change my mind, my life, and look to live for Jesus, knowing I am not expected to be perfect but to earnestly try to put Him first in all things and trust in Him alone?
Have I thanked Him from my heart for saving me?
Have I asked for His Holy Spirit to fill me and guide me?
Am I willing to accept, through faith alone (as a child would), who Jesus is and to look for Him, knowing that He will show Himself to me - and that is His promise?

Jesus is God. He paid the highest price for you, specifically you, to be saved - if you want it! You have a choice.

It's up to you now, the choice you make is yours and yours alone.

I hope it's the right one.


Carly Green said...

Hey Chris, thanks for your posts - it is so refreshing to see someone put themselves out there for Christ.
God Bless you,

Chris said...

Hi Carly! :)

How are you?!!!!!
Not seen your blog around for ages!
Hope everything is good for you and your family.

No need to ask if you're saved, I know you are!:)

God bless you and yours. See you soon hopefully. x