Saturday, 4 April 2015

It's Saturday...

...and that means it's the true Sabbath, God's seventh day, Holy.

Not Sunday.

That is Catholic doctrine and apostasy. Listen, Roman Catholicism is NOT biblical Christianity. In fact it is the polar-opposite!

The Sabbath is a Saturday, always was, always will be.

Why am I writing this? To be contentious?

Nuh-uh, but because pretty soon, on global instructions from Rome, yet another false religious doctrine will be rolled out through the Vatican forcing Sunday worship (already here in the 'church') of whatever (the beast) is soon to be present to worship. Laws will also be changed to force people to not work on Sunday and to work on Saturday, God's day. And if you don't do it their way, guess what? You won't be able to work, buy or sell. Sound familiar?

Whomever, or rather, whatever the Catholic (or whatever grey mush bastardised religion they morph into) tell you to worship, show performing seemingly miraculous signs etc., it won't be Jesus Christ, no matter what they say.

You will see this for yourselves pretty soon and you may recall this crazy sounding post one day, so please read on...


Stuck in religious tradition? Read this, confer with the Holy Spirit and ask Him to show you if it's true. Never take anyone else's word for it - including mine.

God bless all those who choose to repent and turn to Him - Jesus Christ.

(God won't bless anyone else).

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