Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Off track...

How would you really know if you were in a cult? Would you ask your church leaders what they thought? Would you look for confirmation in the mainstream world or media? Would you ask your fellow 'church' members their opinions or thoughts?

Check yourself against the word of God. It's in the bible (KJV). You can know for sure what path you're currently on and where you're ultimately headed to.

Jesus Christ is God. He has already paid in full for the sins of all those who repent and come to Him. Free gift, open to all.

Why wouldn't you want that? (Seriously, be honest, and ask yourself that simple question. You might be surprised or even shocked at the answer.)

How many people have died since the last post ?*

* Worldwide approx. 8,500 people die every minute and it comes as a complete surprise to most...

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