Thursday, 9 July 2015


'The NYC subway system faced a rather terrible commute today, leaving a few trains inexplicably stuck in some stations for extended periods of time. Today it was announced that website 'The Dissolve' would be shutting down.

United Airlines' computer system mysteriously stopped working, forcing all flights from the airline to be grounded.

The New York Stock Exchange's computerized trading system also stopped working, causing trading to be suspended, a big deal in one of, if not the, world's largest trading market.

Following the New York Stock Exchange failure, the Wall Street Journal's website also malfunctioned. Over 2,000 residents in Washington, DC lost power.

Could there be some greater meaning to all of these events, something larger than just simple computer glitches? Ross Gerber, financial adviser, thinks so, at least in the case of the NYSE collapse.'

Taken from the: Emergency & Disaster Information Service

But the governement owned BBC puts out the lead story of Osborne's typical Tory slaughter of the poor. That's not news is it.

This world is in global meltdown, and it's not due to the planet warming.

Time to get your head out of that bucket and take a long - slow - look - around you. Before it's too late.

Jesus Christ is God. Without Him as your own personal saviour you won't make it. It's that simple.
Get to know Him and start a relationship with Him. It's for your benefit not for His.

He is waiting for you to call.

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