Wednesday, 18 November 2015


France, now under marshall law, is about to change it's constitution.

This is put across to the public in such a way as to be welcomed as necessary protection of the population by a caring government.

What this actually means however, is that government forces can legally enter your home without prior warrant, take you into custody, interrogate and detain you, and impose a curfew restricting your travel and communication with others if you are considered 'dangerous' (in thier view).

A job begun is half done. Borders closed, curfews, restricting freedoms. Media has already been censored - you are being spoon fed information in a deliberately controlled way already. Freedom of speech will be next.

Look for a snowball effect now. More 'terrorist' attacks in London, New York, Hong Kong, Barcelona etc. Increasing in atrocity to stir up the masses and snap us into line with the long planned agenda.

Combine this with the wing-tip to wing-tip tangled mess of heavily armed opposing fighting forces gathering on Israel's doorstep right now, and you have a perfect storm.

Pretty soon, the humble Christian, giving out bible tracts on the street corner will be hauled off in an unmarked van, charged with sedition and kept for re-education. The writing is on the wall.

Conspiracy theory?

Jesus Christ is God. He is so loving He wrote it all down for you in advance so you could see it coming and prepare.

Get smart, get saved. Get a bible and read it for yourselves whilst you can still get hold of one. The real conspiracy theory is most definately 100% real and is no theory. And it all involves you, the real you - your soul.

Where's that going?

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