Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The Islamic Lie

All false religion stems from paganism, the ancient Babylonian mystery religion, which is fundamentally luciferian worship of Satan himself. Catholicism, Mormonism, JW's, and other Masonic derivatives all come from the same source - Satan.

You need to know these facts so that if you or your family members are slaughtered or maimed in the streets at the hands of 'extremists' you can better understand why it has happened, that we are not just talking about a few religious nutcases here but an entire world system designed to keep you and your loved ones away from Jesus Christ (God's salvation) and instead enslaved to the Devil and sin. The end of that journey being forever seperated from God, and an eternity in hell.

What I've come to understand is that the key issue stopping people coming to Christ (including myself once), is pride. Self-righteous pride in one's own goodness or ability to match Christ's goodness by a few well placed deeds or even just good intentions.

Religion satisfies this basic human flaw. 'If I do enough good deeds God is sure to let me in', or, 'if I don't kill anybody and keep my head down I at least won't do anything so bad it'll keep me out of heaven'.

None of that is biblical.

Religion creates a false sense of hierarchy. 'I'm better and more holy than you because; I go to church / mosque / temple more often, I give more liberally to the poor, I wear a funny religious hat and dress,  I've read the Bible / koran / etc. much more than you and studied the Greek, Aramaic or Arabic scriptures - so I know more than you, peasant leity.' Basically, 'I do more!'

The simple truth is much harder it seems for folks to swallow and accept. And that simple gospel message is this:

You are saved by God's grace (His favour shown to you) through faith (you can't see Him) in what Jesus has already done for you, which He did purely out of love for you, and He did it specifically for you!

You are not involved in works or deeds above having faith in Him and a relationship with Him. It's a walk with Him. That is what God ultimately wants with everyone. Forget about religion. All religion is a crock.

If that has got your back up, then that's your pride talking! Pride will stop you being saved.

Jesus Christ is God. There is only one God, one Way to the Father in heaven. Jesus Christ is that Way.

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