Monday, 14 March 2011

More chooks...

So here's one of my favorites, Jacques. This guy is one of the chicks hatched under Claudia last May. He's a beautiful Copper Blue Maran and unlike his bro, Louis, is very friendly with me.

When they were scrawny teens and lived with thier siblings in the nursery pen I made at the bottom of the orchard, both Jacques and Louis used to jump on top of the maternity unit to see who could get to the highest spot and then croak out a puny squawk with all thier strength at the setting sun. Jacques here always got the better of Louis by flying onto my head! Why is there never a camera around when you need one. God I wish I had a pic of that. I've been trying to get him to do it ever since so I can get it on film.

Both Jaques and Louis still have 'cock-a-doodle-doo' match daily, probably hourly, much to the joy of the adjoining row of houses.
I've had to divide the orchard into two equal halves and get Jacques his own little house where he lives with Marge and Margo. Somehow though I still find the two roosters in each others territory every now and again ripping the crap out of eachother so they both have battle scars. He's also suffered a bit of frostbite around his comb during the hard winter we've just had, despite the duvet draped over his coop when it got really cold.

Still a beautiful bird.


Rebecca said...

What a good looking guy!-I love his coloring.
You asked what kind of camera I use.. My older photos are from a Nikon D50 and I recently purchased a used Nikon D90 off ebay (for a steal!)

John Gray said...

handsome chap.... and the hen house is quite lovely!
as for frost bit ... all the cockerels I have had suffered from it

Crow said...

Gorgeous birds. I love the Copper Blues. I think they call them Wheaton and Blue Wheaton here. I have an excellent breeder that I plan to order hatching eggs from. For now I have a BC Maran roo. He is an older teenager, but gaining weight daily. Three lovely pullets as well. By Spring I will have eggs to hatch. It is all very exciting to me.

The roosters must know I am talking about them. I hear a very lame crowing from my Brahma roo as I type. :-)