Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Rattus norvegicus

So a bit of bright weather has meant, fair-weather gardener that I am, that I've been able to get onto my plots and finally tidy up a bit. Last year it's fair to say the veg plots got away from me a bit. I blame it on the excessive amount of grass paths that I originally thought was a good idea. They looked great when closely cut and trimmed. Trouble was it took 3 hours to do it, so no time to do much in the way of weeding, general maintenance etc.This year its top to bottom soil, apart from the greenhouse bit up the top end, so I can rotavate one big patch up and down with no paths in the way. I'll post some pics later on that.

I've decided to give one of my two plots up this year. I ended up with two (and a little strip for the orchard and chooks), not because I was a greedy grot, but because they were just patches of scrub and neck-high weeds when I took them on, nobody knew the land was even there really. So it was just as easy to clear two as just one. Now though I've decided that I'd rather have one neat and tidy plot than two less manicured gardens, and someone else can get themselves a patch of growing ground to boot.

Mr Rat is still about. I've discovered that my allotment neighbour's healthy vermin population are now extending their empire by burrowing under my anti-rabbit fence and encroaching on my garden. Another reason why I'm giving this garden up is to get further away from this shanty town of crappy chicken coops and shacks.
This week I'm out and about during dusk and into the night to see if I can halt the advance armed with rifle and light. Now if only I could find one...


John Gray said...

bloody rats
i hate them
usually I use poison bate UNDER the coops and well away from any prying beaks
love the photo
been there
wore the hunter's hat!

Crow said...

You made me laugh out loud! I love the picture!