Thursday, 17 March 2011


I've been working this week on a job that has dwindled in size since it started and now seems to be a lot of work for the fee. To top that, now that this job is finishing (deadline today so I'll crack on in a minute) the weather has turned from relatively sunny to grey, cold and drizzley so I've missed a window for rotorvating the plot. Poo.

What I have been able to do in the evenings though is buy most of the power tools in the Screwfix catalogue (there goes the fee!). As usual I have followed my usual behavioural pattern and made a rod for my own back. I now have so many projects on the go that I am left bewildered by 'what to do next', paralysed by indecision and unable to synchronize my spare time with what I need to get done - in priority order.

I did tell myself that I'd be more decisive this year and get tougher on clients and overdue invoices etc, but that hasn't panned out either! Leopard and spots spring to mind.

Anyway, moan's the next of my chicks, Marge. One of two Copper Black Maran hens, Marge is a bit poorly at the moment so I'm keeping my eye on her. They've all just had a course of Flubenvet which they all get every 3 months or so (I stopped using Verm-X as I didn't think it was working thoroughly enough) so maybe that's had an adverse effect. Her poo's a bit runny and she's a bit out of sorts.

I went to their coop on Tuesday to collect any eggs Marge and her sister Margo had layed to discover three eggs! There's only Marge, Margo and Jacques the rooster in this coop. I can't tell which one of these hens had layed two ( they both lay identical dark, chocolate brown eggs). I suspect it wasn't Marge as she has only just learnt to lay indoors, and only after I'd been leaving a strategically placed rubber egg to give her the general idea.

Deadline calling. If I can get this job done today I'll get onto the plot or something constructive tomorrow. Hopefully.

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