Monday, 4 April 2011


I grabbed five minutes yesterday to grind an edge on the rotorvator tines. Not my favorite job as I try not to set fire to myself with the sparks of white hot metal flying about like fireworks.

Chopping through the roots of the 'green compost' I put down last year and bits of stone and debris that litter typical allotment soil, blunted the steel blades of the red beast, making it hard going trying to plough the plot. The green compost sown was clover - the idea was to smother the usual supects weed-wise and just rotorvate the stuff in during spring. The nitrates and good stuff would then go back into the soil to feed the proper plants. Good plan? No. This stuff has surface and subsurface roots that are as tough as old fishing net and make hoeing between the plants a real chore.
There's half the plot to do yet but the weather has moved in so rain stopped play. Talking about fireworks, it's the allotment AGM this Wednesday night. Reckon there'll be some real sparks flying this year.

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John Gray said...

why the ruckus?