Saturday, 16 April 2011


Despite literally not having two minutes to rub together at the moment, I've decided (in my infinite wisdom) to embark on yet another project! Work has kicked off again, deadlines are looming, the plot needs sorting (urgently) and I've got commissions for some furniture which I've yet to make. On top of that I need to get onto the water more to do some serious fishing and stock up the freezer with lovely fresh fish.
So why not take on more I hear you ask?
At the moment I feel like a pilot, who, on looking out of the cockpit window, sees that both engines are on fire and that the bits of his plane are disintegrating, but still decides to push the stick forward, full throttle into a screaming nose dive!

So what is this new project? After giving it some thought last year I've finally decided that now (!!!) is a good time to start beekeeping. There's enough to occupy this blog with growing, fishing and eating and all the sundry items that go with these topics so I've created another blog devoted entirely to my early apiarist adventures Bees Make Honey so go check it out and see how badly I'm doing.
Seriously though, many of you, particularly those who garden or grow your own veg/fruit etc., will have  concerns about the plight of the bees, especially the Honey bee, which is having a tough time of it at the moment. A third of the bees in the USA have disappeared and CCD (colony collapse disorder) is proving to be a serious problem worldwide (the UK no exception) that will have huge impacts on food production for everyone including you and me.
So if you fancy having a go yourself at keeping bees then take a peek at Bees Make Honey and see how even an idiot like me can (hopefully) keep a couple of hives. Hey, might even get some honey to eat. Faaabbbb!

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John Gray said...

love the new site
we were going to keep bees a couple of years ago and went on a bee keeping course........not got around to it yet!