Wednesday, 27 April 2011


This unseasonable sunshine and warmth has brought all us fair-weather gardeners out in force up at the allotments. Last year most of us were very late in putting seeds into the ground as it was so wet.

The Under-gardener (my Dad) pulling one of 'last years' parsnips (still good eating!)
In fact, this time last year my attentions were mainly on Claudia and her newly hatched chicks. Right on cue, she's gone broody again so I may leave her on a clutch of eggs again and see how she gets on.

Here's another installment from Chickenopolis. This guy is Louis I (Louis the first) and is king of the big house. My wellies bear the scars of many an attack from this chap who is a very 'full-on' rooster, not at all like Jacques who is much more gentlemanly and friendly.

What you lookin' at?
He's a bit blooded again at the moment as Jacques somehow got over the bloody fence again probably after the daily bickering through the gate escalated into a full blown barny. I'm going to have to sort that out.

It's a pity they can't get along so they could all have the run of the orchard instead of having the Berlin wall running across it.

Finally though I'm getting some stuff done on my plot (the one I've kept) and tackling the little areas like the bit bottom left of the picture above, which never got sorted last year. I think I'll put a clump of sunflowers there.

The plot that is now vacant next to me is rapidly reverting back to jungle. Sure hope someone takes it on soon.

Back to work!


John Gray said...

I had the spit of that cockerel.... he was called rogo!

Chris said...

Ha - Rogo-cock!?