Thursday, 5 May 2011

What ?!

Last year I had so many courgette plants that I gave most of them away. I still ended up with about ten plants (golden and green), all churning out courgettes like there was no tomorrow. Everything we ate had some courgette in it, even cakes.
At the beginning of last week I planted some seeds sparingly so I didn't have glut of courgette plants taking up precious space in the modest greenhouse. A week later and only the cucumbers I planted at the same time have decided to make an appearance - not one courgette. Bloody typical. I tried a variety called Romanesco this time. Maybe they're like me, a bit slow.
Planted some Borlotti's too last week which have also made sporadic progress so I've sowed the whole bloody packet now in the hope that they'll catch up with the ones that have germinated. Again I've tried another variety from last year - these ones are climbers, not the dwarf ones I've had success with. Moral - if it ain't broke don't fix it!

Cute little red 'n white beans
On the chickeny front everything is calming down. Claudia, who's got the 'being a Mum bug' bad, has been sitting on nine eggs in the Maternity Unit for a week now. I'm not sure if they'll hatch though as she decided to teleport herself (don't ask me how) off her nest and back into the big house long enough to let the eggs cool.

I'm really hoping they will hatch as I'm curious about WHAT is going to hatch. Louis I and Jacques have both been 'busy' enjoying themselves with all the girls so some chicks will be throroughbred Marans whilst some will be Heinz 57's.

Time will tell...


Rebecca said...

I had to look up what a courgette was!.. It's the same as zucchini and I can definitely relate to having so much that it ends up in everything - bread, stir-fry, omelets :)

Chris said...

Yes they're sometimes called zucchini here too (posh name!).
I did get a cracking zucchini relish recipe last year which surprised me how great it tasted - better than relish I've bought. I'll try and remember to post it when the zucchini glut is in full swing.

Calling Ravens said...
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Calling Ravens said...

You may want to check out Fiona's blog for this recipe for Gingered Zucchini Marmalade