Wednesday, 18 May 2011


I've tried to keep myself  in good spirirs over the past few months despite the general lack of paying work and the rather gloomy weather recently (cloud and wind but hardly any rain - what's the point of cloud but no rain?)

One thing that never fails to bring a smile to my miserable face is the antics of menagerie - the dog, the cat and, when on the allotment, the chickens.

I was a bit bothered that Claudia, the perpetual broody hen, had left the nine eggs she had been sitting on for too long a couple of weeks ago and that they had got too cold to have any chance of hatching.

She was due on the weekend so I told her straight that she had until Wednesday (today) to produce some surrogate offspring or she was off the nest and back to laying to earn her keep. Sure enough this morning there were eggshells neatly pecked in two littering the floor of the maternity unit and I could just hear the 'cheaps' of the little chicks under Claudia's downy feathers.

Made my day that has...

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