Saturday, 28 May 2011


I've made a start clearing Area 51. Bloody back-breaking I can tell you. The lack on attention over the past two months has meant I've had to don my jungle fatigues and machete my way through the bush again, just like I did when I first took the plot on.

No mucking about this time though. All I'm putting on here are my bees and a huge flower bed in one long row. A smorgasbord of nectar for the little fellows to feast on. Perennials, lavenders, chives,wild flowers etc will form a plot long row in front of the hives.

What's really worrying me, and it's something I've taken especial note of just lately, is the lack of honey bees on the flowers that are blooming. Yes, there are loads of bumblebees of every species getting drunk on the lupins, and wildflowers dotted about the plot, but I have yet to see a honey bee this year on any of the flowers.

I know that there are plenty of nectar rich sources in the numerous hedgerows this time of year and I'm hoping they're all gorging themselves on that. Any of you seen much of the honey bee so far?


John Gray said...

love your mucky mind on toms blog by the way

Calling Ravens said...

Hi Chris! I know I sound like a promoter, since I already left a comment with a link to her recipe, but Fiona just blogged that she has brought home (her first) three (!) colonies of honey bees. I thought you might enjoy reading:

I cannot tell bees apart so I don't know. I get a good number of bees at The Dirt Patch, but am not certain they are honey bees.