Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Area 51

It's exasperating. All you hear about these days in the 'grown your own' mags and the Hugh FW tele shows is the lack of garden space for dig hungry thirty somethings to get their green fingers into. Waiting lists abound and tens or even hundred of thousands of people are eagerly and forlornly waiting for a chance to get a plot. Many end up waiting ten years or more to get some ground.
Yet two months ago I decided to let one of my plots go to someone to have a chance of growing some veg, and guess what? Despite there being over a dozen folk on our allotment waiting list and about six gardens being made vacant this year, hardly anyone has bothered to take them on. We had a few ploughed to give the newcomers a good start but still nothing. When I got my plot a couple of years ago, I couldn't wait to get started!

Maybe the 'well rotted horse' has put them off?
 Anyway, as the garden I'd originally given up is getting so overgrown and rapidly reverting back to dense jungle, I've taken it back. This will be another orchard I can just mow but will have beehives dotted about instead of chicken coops.
Should look nice with a few flower beds etc. but it is a shame someone like Adam the Gardener didn't take it on.

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