Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Well the chick that was raised from the dead last week is, by all accounts, doing very well. G. on the plot opposite me has the little fella with some of his other hatchlings in his warm brooder.

Sadly the last chick to hatch didn't fair so well. I thought I could do my resurrection thing again but it was not to be despite doing all the things I did before like trying to warm it up in the jeep.

Pecking at grass on a cloud somewhere now I imagine...
Life can be very cruel. Such a perfect little chick too. I suspect the effort of hatching took its toll.
On the plus side I now have five healthy looking chicks (including Lazarus from last week). Only one is the powder blue colour of the Copper Blue Marans, the other are all like this chap, black, white and yellow and should grow up to be the jet black / iridescent blue with copper bits of the Copper Black Maran type.

I'll post some pics soon but they're so bloomin' fast it's tricky to get them framed in the camera long enough to shoot a picture. Anyway here's some pics of the maternity unit MASH...

Now clad in clear plastic - des-res with conservatory...
Not amused
I'm hoping this wind will die down a bit so I can do something constructive on the plot this week. Far too windy to go fly fishing too unless I want to repeatedly rip sharp hooks out of the back of my neck and ears!

Hopefully though, early next week, I'll be seeing an old mate on a Welsh beach somewhere for some sea fishing action. Hurricanes permitting.

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Crow said...

Sorry to hear about your little chick. I so dislike loosing babies.

I am getting some Copper Marans in July. Beautiful birds.

I hope somebody goes broody around here other than me! I could use some help.

Great blog! :-)