Thursday, 7 April 2011

Coup d'ètat

Phhhhhh! Well, talk about a bloodless coup. Last night's allotment AGM, attended by 99% of the membership turned out to be textbook regime change - something which the people of Libya would do well to take notes from.
The Chairman resigned, the Treasurer resigned, the Vice-President resigned, and one of the good guys on the committee resigned. This left a power vacuum that was, in a pre-orchestrated and carefully planned pincer movement, eagerly filled by members of the 'Dark Side' of the allotment lunatic asylum inmates.
In the blink of an eye, whilst the 'good guys' reeled with the lightning speed of this blitzkrieg occupation, the future of the allotments now looks very grim indeed.

The 'Dark Side' plan their attack!
I managed to stay on the committee (for what use that's going to be) but as even as I type this, I'll bet what community spirit there was left on the allotments is blowing away like dry soil over the hedgerows.
As I drove down the track after cleaning out my chook houses this morning, I looked in the rear-view mirror. Scurrying back up the track after my departure was one of the resident two-legged rats, already on the lookout for the next opportunity to steal something. I'll keep posting developments.

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