Monday, 17 November 2014

America is about to receive judgement.

Obama is playing his part, whoever he really is, he is doing his best and succeeding. Although it's alarming, it has to happen. God is allowing it, we (those who are in Christ) shouldn't be troubled.

By removing God the Father from the very fabric of American society, those complicit within the American nation (and around the world) have aligned themselves against our creator.

Let's be clear about the above film. Allah is the greatest deceiver. Ask any Muslim and they will tell you this unless they wish to lie to your face. Allah is the father of lies, there is no truth in him. He is a murderer from the very beginning. Those who choose to follow him - follow Satan. Islam is NOT a religion of peace. While we're here lets also state this: The Pope is NOT Christ. He appears to have little or nothing to do with the Son of God, regardless.

No, it's not 'nice' to say this but it is the truth and I make no appolgies for saying any of it. Don't confuse truth with political correctness. God is no respector of persons. Why should He be?

All religion is prone to human weakness, to the evil in our hearts. Religion is mans creation, not God's. People use all sorts of vehicles to further their own selfish desires and reach their own goals, whether it be politics, media, Hollywood etc. Religion, any religion, is like any other vehicle. It is a devisive human construct, used ultimately by Satan himself for his own ends. Satan hates you and he wants to drag you down with him. He is already condemned you know, Christ won!

There is a new religion on the horizon. Can you see it? A 'worldly' religion, a new-age, new order religion. It is currently under construction and is even now being ushered in under the guise of world peace, tolerance, for the good of all mankind. It is not of God. Pretty soon you may find yourself being swept along toward it, unwilling to go against the strong flow of deception sweeping the world. Indeed you may need be part of it in order to be able to work, to buy stuff, to eat.

I'm not sure how much longer I am going to be here. Those that still read this little blog may well be pleased about that. Know this though. However badly I am doing it, I am desperately trying to tell you the truth, for your sakes, not mine. I don't want any of you to perish, and having been 'made aware' of what is coming quickly, I sincerely hope, with all that is good in my heart, that you wake up to the truth. Whether you do or not is not up to me, but I have to at least try.

Jesus Christ is not a religion. Forget about religion, religion can't save you. Don't worry about being perfect, that's not possible, not here in this fallen world. Christ died for us while we were still sinners, don't forget that. He wants you, yes you personally, to come to Him, just as you are, right now. He is waiting - for everyone and anyone - no matter what you feel you have done, good or bad, God loves you all. What more could He do but give His only begotten Son for us? That's how much you are worth to Him, how much He loves you. Your are priceless.

Open your eyes. Know the times we are in. Rid yourself of your pride and self-righteousness. You cannot enter God's kingdom via your own works, your own 'good deeds'. No one is good enough by his own righteousness. God isn't comparing you with Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, that unpleasant bloke you work with that you are 'soooo' much better than. God compares you with His standard, that is to say - utter perfection. Are you up there? Really?

Jesus Christ has paid for your sin, it's all done by Him on the cross, paid for in full, once and for all. Turn to Christ. Ask Him to forgive your sins and He will. Then turn from sin (repent). Not easy to do but He never said it would be.

It is Christ's imputed righteousness that cleanses us from our sins. You will still sin, even though you try not to. If you are truly born again then you won't treat Christ's payment as a ticket to sin, but will be sorely greived when you screw up - which is going to happen. God does not expect you to be perfect.

So ditch the pride - IMHO it's the number one barrier to salvation. I have seen this with my own eyes when talking to people out and about. Unless you can admit to yourself that you are a sinner (and be sorrowful and contrite about it) you won't ask for forgiveness, in fact you will probably be offended at the very idea of being called a sinner. If you don't ask God for forgiveness of your sins He won't force you to. And there you will stay, stuck in your sin, until the day you inevitably die. Read God's word to see what will happen then!!! Totally unnecessary.

You have been given the freedom to accept or reject God's gift, His free gift of Christ Jesus - God in the flesh. His greatest desire is that you accept what He has done for you, through faith. Faith - believing without seeing, no complications, no evidence required. Just believe.

Call on the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, and you will be saved. Ask for forgiveness for your sin, thank Him for the gift of His Son, ask Him to make you anew. Turn from your sins, change your mind about how you want to live - for the world or for God? Ask the Lord for the Holy Spirit to live inside you - and it will happen. That is a promise from God and God cannot lie! Then you will be 'born again' of the spirit and your name written in the Book of Life! Sound good? So what's stopping you?

Now keep looking up, your redemption is coming, soon!

Jesus Christ IS God. Your own personal saviour if you want Him. Won't you invite Him in?

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