Saturday, 22 November 2014

While we wait...


Can you see it? It is literally in your face, point blank. Step back a pace and take a long hard look. Know the truth and the times we are in - right in up to our necks. We are here, events are happening, this is IT!

How long is left for you to wake up to the truth?

I hope you make it, I really do. Jesus Christ IS the only truth, the only way. He has done it all, it is all ready for you, waiting. Just claim it - your salvation through Him and His finished work on the cross, totally completed, total victory over sin and death. Your future is assured and promised by God Himself through Christ. It is completely free, a loving gift requiring NO payment by you, Christ has paid it all. Just believe in Him, Jesus Christ, and what He has done for you, personally, in complete, unparralleled love.

Take a leap of faith and call on His name now, not later, not next week - now.

None of us are promised tomorrow.


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