Tuesday, 25 November 2014

See it.

I 'enjoyed' a full 5 minutes of the glossed over news tonight followed by much more important world news reports about a former tory politician being, well, a full-on tory arsehole. Then a feel-good story about a stray dog.

Well, that was 10 minutes of the news killed. Followed closely by the sport and then a weather report. Same old non-news from the good 'ol BBC. Surely there are one or two real reporters still reasonably aware and sentient with just a little professionalism left loitering in a BBC basement cupboard? Or were they all left behind at BBCTV Centre and walled up in a room somewhere to rot.


The real news you have to find for yourselves - if you care enough to do so between soaps, x-factor or any other addictive diversion designed to occupy your mind until it's time for bed. Don't forget it's work tomorrow. When do we have time to look at the world?

Please. Open your eyes. Know the times we are in. This is IT! We are on a global and more importantly, spiritual countdown. Things are happening so fast it's difficult to catch a breath.

What are you doing, laughing it off? Mocking? Reading the rant of another bible-bashing loony fear-mongering on a blog?

Jesus is returning soon for those who believe in Him, for those who receive what He has done for us, for those that know He is God and that put their faith and trust in Him alone. Those that choose to repent and turn to Him will be saved. Get aboard the ark, Jesus Christ.

Shaking your head in shock, disbelief and terror after it all happens is pointless, profoundly tragic and totally unnecessary. The door out to eternal life is open for you, free to enter as a gift, and all are welcome. Tickets have been paid for, just believe you have one with your name on it and know who it was that paid your entrance fee.

Jesus is God, the only way, truth and life. Choose life now.


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