Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The problem with 'religion'.

After Paris, I'm now expecting a flood of Imam's defending Islam, as per usual, whether it's regarding French cartoonists or decapitated Syrian children.

The knee-jerk reaction that my flesh wants to embark upon is being restrained somewhat.

I spoke to a lovely Muslim girl for 30 minutes the other week whilst out tracting in a city centre. For half an hour we discussed religion in the freezing cold. The same discussion as in the above video more or less. This girl was not a fanatic (like me?) but she had faith, even if it was in satan. However it soon transpired that she was quite happy to deceive anyone in order that they convert to Islam and she openly admitted it, even boasted of it. Not surprising as Satan is the father of lies.

God cannot lie.

And it's not just Muslims that are deceived. I speak to countless so called 'Christians' who say the most incredible, outlandish things - not remotely scriptural - and yet claim that they believe in A god, beit tree, pink elephant, mist or Charlton Heston on a cloud. Most create a Chimera of a god, acceptable in doctrine and a 'good fit' with their own lifestyle choices, a god who doesn't ask too much of them or make them feel uncomfortable or convicted. It is a lie.

At the mention of His name though - Jesus Christ, many people run, sometimes literally, rather than so much as take a tract. This is why so many people will shortly die, in their sins, without a saviour to pay for them, at their own choice too. It's almost too awful to think about. Many folks just don't want the free gift of Christ it seems and run from His word. And yet when you go on the streets to talk about Christ, the bible truly comes to life. Many people even quote scripture verbatim without even realising it! The bible is as relevant and truthful today as it always was. Complete truth.

What's important to remember about Paris is that all of those poor people who died today for lampooning the 'prophet' Mohammed died for absolutely nothing. The murderous trio who perpetrated these murders also committed these crimes for absolutely nothing.

Nothing to gain for the murderers, as they are just tragically misguided fools following a false prophet from a violent and satanic religious cult. Nothing to gain for the victims either, drawing provocative satirical cartoons about this false prophet, as Islam is purely a satanic work of fiction anyway so what exactly were they satirising?

I will be praying tonight, that the people who died in Paris were saved by the blood of Christ before they were gunned down. You cannot go back in time for a 'take 2' or ask for a 2nd chance when you evetually see Him (and we all do, even Muslims).

Only Jesus Christ saves. Without Him, you will inevitably die and then you will be judged, with no defence, no attorney, no atonement on your behalf. And the truly tragic thing is it is all so unnecessary. Christ has paid, once and for all. That means for YOU too, specifically YOU! So why won't you take a leap of faith and just accept His free loving gift? IT'S FREE!

When they awoke this morning, none of the victims in Paris expected to die today. But they did didn't they. Horrifically.

Are you saved?

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Chris said...

If, in the near future, I am killed for writing this or for speaking the Gospel of Christ on the street, please know this: it won't be for any religion, for hate-crimes or for fear mongering. It will be for His names sake, Jesus Christ, my personal saviour and my God. And I know that I will then be with Him in eternity.

Where are you going when you die?