Monday, 12 January 2015

Turn NOW!

For your own sakes please repent now. Repentance is to turn from your sin and back to God. He is not expecting you to be perfect but He does want you to turn to Him and not rely on your own self-righteousness, which is going to fall pityfully short.

Jesus Christ is God. He has paid for you on the cross, in full, once and for all time. All you are required to do is believe on His name, what He has done for YOU personally, and to ask for His forgiveness with a humble and contrite heart. Repent, turn back to Him. And that's it. All the hard work has all been done and completed for you by Christ alone. No one else can save you.

If your pride is still holding you back I don't know what else to say. However much you love your sin, it's not worth it, it really isn't.

Trust in Christ and His love for you and you will escape what is about to happen.

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