Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Act of God

I cannot (or choose not) to think just how horrific the things coming on the world will be for those who have chosen to reject Jesus Christ as their personal saviour.

And the truly terrible thing is; after death it will only get worse for those people.

Hellywood could never do it justice in a movie.

Have you chosen to play a part in what's coming or will you exit with the body of Christ? Be assured. It is coming.

Jesus Christ is God. Those who choose to accept Him as their saviour and come to Him, humble and contrite in heart, will be saved. It's more than being saved from God's imminent judgement here on earth. It's about your own personal eternal salvation, the main event as it were, paid for in advance, in full, by God Himself, as a free, loving gift to all who love Him and come to Him.

Drop your pride. Don't rely on your own self-righteousness, your own goodness.

The only one standing in the way of your own everlasting life and your eternal joy in heaven - is you.

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