Friday, 22 May 2015

Right in front of your eye

Do you really run your life? Are you 'in charge'? Master or mistress of your own destiny?


If you are not in Christ Jesus, you are owned. By Satan.

Please don't shrug this off. Give this statement some serious consideration. Look into this for yourself. Properly I mean - actually dig and investigate. Don't take my word for it or anyone else's for that matter.

If what you find doesn't lead you to Jesus Christ as your personal saviour, I don't know what will.

Here's a link to this chap's You Tube chanel. Have a look and see what you can see. Maybe you'll peel back the covers just enough to disturb you into looking with your eye(s) open.

Jesus Christ is God, the Word made flesh, the Son of God and the Way, the only Way to eternal life with the Father (in heaven). You NEED Him as you personal saviour because your 'good works' won't and can't be enough to pay for your sin. Religion(s) won't do it. Being a good and kind hearted person won't do it. Believing there is a God of some sort isn't enough (Satan himself belives that, and he's seen Him!).

Drop your self-righteous pride and get humble. Come to Him as you are. He's waiting for you right now and He won't turn anyone away.

Give yourself a break and get saved.

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