Thursday, 14 May 2015

French cuisine

Recipe for damnation:

Put frog in saucepan of cold water
Turn on heat
Bring to boil slowly
Serve when done. Well done.

Wouldn't it be so cool to have a micro-chip surgically implanted in the palm of your hand, maybe even into your brain. So convenient. Especially when you inevitably forget your wallet and need to pay for groceries. Your phone battery is dead of course too, typical. And don't forget tracking those pesky kids! Always out playing somewhere. Hey! You'll need one of those chip things as part of your job contract, you know, so you can get paid, 'cause cash is soooo yesterdays news and nobody accepts paper money in the shops now anyway do they?

And it's almost here...

Rev 13:16-17


Rev 19:20 or Rev 20:4 (depending on what you choose).


You could accept the free gift of Jesus Christ as saviour RIGHT NOW and get saved!

Jesus Christ is God. By the awesome grace of God almighty, He has promised never to turn away anyone who comes to Him through faith in the only begotten Son of God, Jesus Christ. Not of works, just by faith. Available to all that come, broken, repenting, humble.
Let Him in and He'll redeem you, cleanse you and give you the gift of the Holy Spirit to lead you into the only real, tangible truth. Only Jesus Christ reconciles the lost to God the Father. Only Jesus Christ saves!

It's high time you jumped out of the steadily warming saucepan my friend.

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