Friday, 29 July 2016

What to do if you miss the Rapture...

If you miss it, don't panic.

Let's face it, you just laughed and sneered at all these posts anyway didn't you? All these warnings, all these sign posts pointing to the exit? The FREE exit?

So don't panic. You're going to spend an eternity in hell anyway. You didn't want Jesus in your life, nor your eternal life. Well, you got what you wanted. A world without the body of Christ in it.

What? You didn't mean it? You want to go now after all? Even though the bus has left and the doors are shut?

Ok. Tell you what you do. Since the dispensation of grace (God's unmerited favour) has ended, you will have to spend the next seven years (of hell on earth, literally) being an even more radical, fundamentalist, intolerant, stubborn, steadfast bible believing Christian than me, than any bible believing Christian today.

Unto death.

You will have to keep the testimony of Jesus Christ AND the commandments - ALL of them. You will have to be more religious than I ever have been or would ever have to be. You would have to be persecuted in a time so bad, that you wouldn't believe me if I told you about it. Though God Himself HAS told you about it, in His word.

So could you do all that? Really? Oh really?

I bet you get in a panic when you lose your keys. A two hour power cut leaves you unable to function. Can you go a day without eating? You don't get to eat if you don't take that mark. And if you take it, it's game over anyway, you'll burn and never go out.

Sound harsh?

Jesus Christ is God. Better get saved now I'd say. Because you haven't got what it takes to earn your Salvation.

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