Sunday, 10 July 2016

YOU are the enemy!

If you read the news, watch tv, go to the movies, use facebook; you are under attack.

The 'powers that be' (and if you are born-again you know who that is) are programming your mind to accept what is happening on the world stage, at home and abroad, as fact, when it is in fact staged, orchestrated, choreographed.

Once you realise that the 'powers that be' actually hate you and want you dead, or at least subdued to the point of pliable brain dead sheep, it's really easier than you think to call a halt to the insanity that is being instigated, by design, right now.

Just seperate yourself and come out from it.

Jesus Christ is God. He is calling you out.

Coming or staying?

Part 2 of the above US Army/CIA film outlining the techniques currently being used on YOU!

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