Monday, 29 June 2015

The broad way. And it's very crowded.

It's a choice. Nothing any Christian says to you will ultimately persuade you one way or another. It's a choice that you and only you can make. You can duck and weave around it, avoid it all your life, but ultimately, even if you never consciously make that choice - you've still made a choice. You either accepted Jesus Christ as your personal saviour - or you rejected Him.

There is no fence to sit on. No grey area you can watch from. You and only you can make the choice where you will spend eternity.

Sadly, many, many people are so prideful that they never come to repentance through the free gift of Jesus Christ.

There will be no opportunity or indeed point in any born-again Christian saying to you "I told you so". We will simply never see each other again.

Jesus Christ is God. Only He can wash you of your sins through faith in Him and Him alone. He is the only way to the Father, the only way to heaven. The gift of salvation is free to all who ask with a humble heart and willing to repent of their sins. And you and I have lots and lots of those.

Mine are paid for. How about yours?

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