Friday, 26 June 2015

The real tragedy of the situation.

I've just read one of the saddest posts I've read in a while - and I've read a few of late.

In it, someone I used to know (vaguely here on blogland) was describing a farewell conversation with an old freind of his who was expecting to die in the very near future. A terminal illness.

The (edited) transcript was uttely devoid of any mention of Christ, God (the Father), salvation or what comes next. I can only hope and pray that all of the above was mentioned and even discussed at great length in the redacted text of the conversation.

The true tragedy of death in this world today, is the reluctance, nay, embarrasement, felt by people who love and care for others when it comes to discussing the ultimate love. Real love. Jesus Christ.

The truly loving thing to say to someone facing death is: to swallow ones pride and to tell them about Jesus Christ. What He has done for them, the door He has opened for them if they would just accept Him into their lives. Even if their life is coming to an end. How He suffered an excruciating and humiliating death for us (especially you) in a pure act of perfect love.

This world is so messed up. We would rather tell someone a lie to keep the peace. Tell someone it's ok when it's not to avoid embarrasement. Say it's right when it's really plain wrong, just to be politically correct. Be as grey and saltless as dishwater so we don't offend.

Every moment another lost soul misses heaven because Jesus Christ wasn't as much as mentioned. Not even dared whispered about.

Please listen. Not being a Muslim or a member of other various assorted BS religions doesn't automatically make us Christian. Heaven is not automatic either. It can't be earned or worked for. It must be asked for and received for free through Jesus Christ.

What a bloody tragedy.

Tom, if the guy knows Christ (and more importantly, Christ knows him) then I thank God this post is for nothing - I'll take the abuse, it's worth it. 

If not, please give me the guys phone number or e-mail address and I will gladly talk to him. If not me then someone else who is a real bible believing, One Way to the Father - Christian. 

No bible bashing, no selling, just the most important loving message he'll ever get without the stiff-upper-lip bullsh*t. 

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