Friday, 6 June 2014

Fallen In

Yes. I have 'fallen in' with that Christian lot.
You know, I used to just plod along, thinking I was a Christian. I mean, I was C of E, sang hymns at Christmas (are we still allowed to celebrate the birth of Christ still? Apparently that will offend other religions so maybe best not mention it at all eh?)
Hey, I'm not a bad chap, never actually murdered anyone, never kicked a pensioner and nicked her pension book, never did anything really bad right? And anyway, I texted Children in Need a fiver last year. I'm a good bloke so I'll be ok when my day comes. Right?
When I actually got to a point where I decided to chase after the heart of God, really look for Jesus, I found out why He told us to first count the cost. Although salvation is free to all and offered to all, really following Christ and not just paying lip service, consists of being misunderstood, hated, persecuted and may well end in death at the hands of others. Just posting a video that made comments about homosexuality proved that to me today. Unsurprisingly.
And unsurprisingly, the real message, which was actually just a collection of collated news reports from around the globe, was completely overtaken by a gay agenda. Inevitably, talking about faith in God through Jesus Christ is going to cause division. Surprised? Thought that Jesus was going to bring peace? Anything goes, do what you want? I thought that before. Now I know better because I actually read the bible instead of just thinking I know what's in it. And I don't try and change what's in it to suit my lifestyle of choices so I don't feel condemnation.
No, it's not easy following Christ and I stumble and fall daily. So I don't judge. But nor do I keep silent in a corner and watch my friends drive headlong off a cliff for the sake of, what? Political correctness? Being afraid of not being popular? Being outcast? Following Christ (as best I can) IS being outcast. Is it more loving to put your head above the parapet for a friend knowing it'll get blown off or easier to just go along with the crowd?
I know what's coming. It's on its way regardless of what you or I believe. I'm no better than anyone else. A sinner. I judge no one. Like Christians the world over I get it in the neck, because I've repented and made Jesus my Lord and Saviour. People don't like that. Oh yeah, they like to hear how God will be there for them when the going gets tough. When they need help, atheist or not, folks will cry out to God for help. But ask for repentance and it's "repent for what? I don't need forgiveness 'cause I don't sin, and what's God ever done for me anyway?"
For those of you that care to see this stuff hang on in there. I'm not preaching here, I'm not worth listening to. Jesus is. Listen to Him. He's at the door knocking if you'll just listen to Him.


Tom Stephenson said...

Not just the anti-gay stuff. Not just the anti-Moslem stuff, even though your preachers were careful not to mention them - the cowards. Not just the American bible-bashing bollocks. You knew you would get it in the neck for everything else. Grow up before you die, for God's sake.

Cro Magnon said...

Goodbye. Can't be doing with this type of doctrine.

Chris said...

Tom. For God's sake? So you believe in Him then. That's good to know.

You claim to be intelligent and yet you just run with the pack like many others here in reality, more concerned with your popularity than speaking or even wanting to know the truth.

You are a hypocrite.

Before I die? I'll tell you this; I and others that try to live a true Christian life (which is not cosy-cosy or easy) are not afraid of death. Death that in other countries even today, is being dealt out buy those who truly hate, hate Christians for trying to follow or speak the Word of God. Please don't ever claim to be Christian again and try wear it like a badge. Learn about what you're talking about first, then get back to me.